Coming Soon: The very unofficial dummies guide to scapy..

So the last few weeks have been busy for me in terms of throwing myself into learning more about InfoSec, I’ve attended my first BSides event, made some new friends and published my year-long training plan.

One of the outcomes from attending BSides was my declaration that next year I would do a track 3 talk, and I decided that it would be on scapy (not sure why it just seems like a really cool tool). So I have included scapy on my aforementioned training plan and since then I’ve started playing around with it.

Then a week or so ago (time flies by so quick) @balgan tweeted about the lack of a scapy guide, at the time I thought it would be cool if such a thing existed but gave no more thought about it. That is until today, today I decided that I was going to write what shall now be known as “The very unofficial dummies guide to scapy”… no I’m not making up I’ve decided that as an official scapy dummy why not write a guide as I go, that will both enforce what I learn and maybe give back to the InfoSec community in some small way.

Now this guide is not going to be a huge bible of commands and examples, what is it going to be is a concise guide to building packets, seeing the results and providing examples of actual things you can do with it, basically something you can read in a few hours, follow the examples and write some packets.

I am well aware that you can find a lot of scapy related documentation on the internet but although the end result might not be any different to a few hours googling for things, that’s not the point. The point is really the same as this blog, I write about stuff I want to, if you find it useful that’s awesome, if not oh well never mind.. 🙂

However, if you think this isn’t actually a bad idea and you’ve used scapy for real world things then let me know. If you know of something that scapy is really cool at doing drop me a line and I will include it in the guide. Remember this is a guide for the community so why not contribute if so inclined..

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