Are you up for the challenge??

Hello, apologises for the lack of posting I’ve been revising for an exam (which is tomorrow), regardless of that yesterday I took part in my first Cyber Security Challenge UK, I’ve never tried this sort of challenge before so was a bit nervous as to what to expect, in the end I scored 24/39 which I’m happy with to be honest. I learnt some new stuff and enhanced some of what I had locked away in my brain and it was awesome fun.

The only problem is that I want to do more of them, not only are they fun but it’s a great way to learn. The problem is in the UK there don’t seem to be many “hacker” challenges for people to take part in. Then tonight I was tweeting with @tamonten (who just beat my score on the challenge in a shorter time period…)

I then had an idea (yeah dangerous I know), what’s to stop me from creating some challenges for people to try, don’t get me wrong I’m not a security “expert” (just felt a bit sick typing that) but then I remembered a saying one of my old martial arts instructors use to say “Don’t be shy, give it a try” (just before I ended up on the floor in pain).

So once the evil exam of doom is out of the way (it’s not that bad I just hate exams) I’m going to start trying to come up with some security challenges, just small ones to start with then maybe moving onto bigger things. I think it’s a good way for me to learn stuff and, well to be honest as long as I’m having fun that’s all I care about.. 🙂

As always this isn’t just about me (honest), it’s about the community so if you have an idea (but not the time) for a challenge let me know (full credit will go to you) and I will try and make it happen. I am going to try and cover a few areas but like I said I’m still new at this so might take me a while to get started.


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