Project: Watcher

Hello readers,

So now that sniffMyPackets is plodding along nicely I decided to start on my next Maltego/Canari love child project. This one is called Watcher and is essentially wireless scanning (and some other stuff) live within Maltego. The finished project will be a cross between Kismet/Aircrack-ng & Snoopy (the one from the guys at Sensepost not the cartoon dog).

I have literally started this project within the last week but a bit further down (at the end of the post) you will find a preview video with some of the features that are in place. The end goal is to have a Maltego machine running that will refresh the Maltego graph every 60 seconds or so (still working on that though).

For the time being Watcher isn’t available to download not until I’ve got a 60% work solution with a good set of tested transforms. This time around though my code will be a mix of offensive, defensive and bit of OSint thrown in so should be a bit of something for everyone.

Now for those that might be thinking, why bother recreating (did I mention it uses Scapy) tools that already exist, well the answer is “because I want to”, if you rewind back to a year ago I couldn’t actually write python code so for me it’s all a learning experience. I’m trying not to “re-use” other peoples code and I have emailed Glenn @ Sensepost to say that I’m writing something that is similar (in some places) to Snoopy. My intention is not to copy or steal ideas but rather write something the way I want to use (and hopefully you will) and learn as I go, but anywhere I use people’s ideas/code etc. will of course be accredited to them in the source code.

So have a look at the video, tell me what you think and I will keep you updated on my progress.



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