General: Back to Blogging…

I started writing blog posts back in 2011, before I moved into “Cyber” and before I had been introduced into the world of Maltego and Python. Over the last few years my blogging has died down a lot due to the stuff I’ve been working on hasn’t been for public consumption (sorry about that).

What has happened is that over time I’ve ended up with blog posts in two different places, over 100 code repo’s (some public, mostly private) all over the place and generally just a different outlook on how I want to write, code and share information.

With that in mind I have a new domain and I will migrate the blog posts from Medium and my old blog (where it still applies, or I might update some) and organise all my code repo’s. This will no doubt take me a while, but at least it will be in one place again and we can move forward towards the 10 year anniversary of when I started blogging (ignoring the years without posts).

I’m going to be focusing on the things I enjoy doing, so the blog will contain lots of content relating to:

  • Python
  • OSINT type stuff
  • Maltego
  • Darkweb (I’ve spent years mapping darkweb services)
  • More Python…